If you have ever patronized a sushi restaurant, you probably noticed that many of the sushi rolls contain an ingredient called “unagi”- better known as Japanese eel. it is a type of fish / and it is quite a tasty one ! eels possess substances that are best for rejuvenating the body in summer. the fish decresses cholesterol lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of devloping arthritis.

Nutritional Facts (PER 100 GRAM):

Appropriate Values
Energy 293kcal
protien 23gm
total carbohydrate 3.1gm
total fat 21gm
saturated fat 5.3gm
trans fat 3.4gm
Frozen Battered Fish

Ingredients: Eel Soysauce, Seasoning mix

Storage Instructions: Deep freeze at minus 18′ or below, Do not refreeze once throw.