Wasabi is native to the wet banks of japan’s fresh mountains streams. wasabi is grown in a rice field that is flooded with water from the pure, fresh mountain stream and their for is classed as premium wasabi known as “SAWA’ or “HATA WASABI”. SAWA WASABI is highest quality wasabi and takes from 2~3 year mature.

Nutritional Facts (PER 100 GRAM):

Appropriate Values
Energy 139kcal
protien 3.6gm
total carbohydrate 28.3gm
of which sugar 8.1gm
total fat 1.3gm
saturated fat 0.12gm
trans fat 0.1gm

Ingredients: Horseradish, Cabbage, Invert Sugar, Salt, Rapeseed Oil, Mustard, Acidity Regulator INS 330

Storage Instructions: Deep freeze at minus 18′ or below, Do not refreeze once throw.